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There are few things in life as magical as a marriage proposal. This once-in-a-lifetime moment for our customers - is part of our everyday lives.  Our primary focus is having fun while serving and building relationships with our customers. Not bad for a day's work!

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At Athens, we celebrate our personal milestones as much as our customers with a supportive and rewarding work environment.  A career at Athens is not just a job, it's a life changing proposal.


Our Team & Our Culture



Our core values are more than just words, they're a way of life.  We seek out team members who share our values. Check out our core values and see if they speak to you.  

We Are...


Humble & Confident
  • Pride in our quality of service and work - what we do, we do well
  • We humbly exude confidence through product knowledge that makes customers feel confident and know they're in the right place.  
  • While directing or correcting customer we “dont make them feel dumb”
  • No know it alls, Teachability is the key to everything. 


Cultural Habit: Feedback loop, a system that facilitates growth and learning. Share how to make it better and be confident enough to ask and receive feedback.


    • ILL | (the ones who pick up the trash)
    • We are all personally accountable for delivering on our commitments
    • “If it is to be it's up to me” while we're all strong team players, we never wait for someone else to get it done.
    • We keep a thirst for knowledge and strive to constantly improve.

    Cultural Habit: Regular team meetings where our whole team contributes to our direction and how to constantly improve.


    So Honest, It’s Obvious

    • Honesty is the key.
    • If we don't have the answer, we don't guess, we research 
    • Were so honest it's obvious, the customer feels confident within a few words

    Cultural Habit: We always tell the customer the truth, even if it doesn’t benefit us in the moment


    Team Players

    • Collaboration - leverage collective genius.  Our success is dependent on collectie energy, intelligence and contributions of all our team members.
    • We have each other's backs. It's never hard to find someone to cover your shift if necessary 

    Cultural Habit:  We always consider how our decisions impact our team and look for ways to accomplish our goals as a team.


    Hospitable To A Fault 

    • We treat our customer like a guest in our own house 
    • We go the extra mile, to make our guests feel comfortable and confident and we're happy to do any little thing that may help in finding/creating the perfect ring.

       Cultural Habit: We greet our guests with a smile and give them our full attention from the time they walk in our store to when they leave.