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Sell Your Item


At Athens, we have a trade-in process that serves as a great option for a client that desires to sell their piece quickly. We offer both discretion and an ethical evaluation, based on what we feel we could sell an item for, and we pride ourselves on transparency in this process.


Generally, when we sell a pre-owned trade-in item, a buyer will expect to buy the piece at half of retail price. Therefore, the return you can expect as a client will be a percentage of the projected sale price. However, if the piece is brand new or in excellent condition, the client can expect a higher payout. At Athens, we are willing to work with our clients and realize each transaction is a case-by-case scenario.

Diamonds may command a higher offer than a used piece of jewelry that exhibits wear and tear. A general truism is that every diamond has been pre-owned, so the fact that you owned it before another does not necessarily diminish its value. Diamonds can also be reshaped, cut down, etc. to make them more marketable. No diamond wears out or degrades on its own. So just because you've had your diamond for years does not mean it has devalued. If a client possesses a contemporary, quality diamond it may very well be sellable. Because of this, a diamond that is undamaged, has very good proportions, and is a marketable shape will be considered for trade-in.


Gold (also silver/platinum) buying at Athens relates to our trade-in process, however it involves precious metal commodity pricing. At Athens, we have computerized testing equipment that allows us to accurately assess gold quality and establishes what we consider to be a very good industry payout. This is anywhere from 65-80% of the value (dependent on quantities) for trade-in. We pay up to 90% of the value if the client were to keep their payout as an in-house credit to be used on purchases. This payout would closely match what we would get from a refinery after costs. We will happily pass this great return on to you if you apply it to Athens purchases.